Very simply, we want to be one of the world's best places to work. Our employees tell us that some of their top reasons for working at Keysight include flexible work options, community involvement programs, and programs that recognize and reward high performance. Of course there's more. Much more.

Work/Life Balance

Keysight's commitment to Work/Life Balance gives every employee the space to enjoy life, their families and friendships.  It also helps keep inspiration coming. We provide a broad range of programs and activities to help employees manage commitments in their work and personal life. A variety of tools and services help employees save time, energy and stress.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements. Many of Keysight’s employees use alternatives to traditional Monday-through-Friday work arrangements. These include part-time, telecommuting, job-shares and variable work schedules.

  • Flexibility Practices. Keysight is proud of its heritage of providing flexible work hours for employees. Keysight's Flexible Time Off program lets employees use paid time off for rest and recreation, vacation, personal business, personal illness or illness of family members.

  • Dependent Care Resources and Referrals. People working outside Keysight's goal is to help employees handle dependent care responsibilities so they can achieve their business objectives while they are at work. A variety of resource and referral services for employees who have dependent care responsibilities for children, elders, people with disabilities and others are available. Keysight's centralized programs and information aim to provide support to all of Keysight. Local Keysight entities may choose to make additional dependent care investments in locations where community based services are inadequate and business objectives are impacted.

  • MagellanAssist offers worldwide data sheets containing information on a broad range of work/life challenges in addition to consulting and written materials available to U.S. employees.

Global Benefits

Many of our employees enjoy the following benefits regardless of location:

Employee Ownership and Management is something we passionately believe in. So, in every country where it is possible, employees are eligible to participate in Keysight's stock purchase plan. The company also has an all-employee Results Bonus Program that rewards the achievement of performance goals.

An Open Door Policy is more than just a corporate idiom here. We're both encouraged and permitted to confer on issues with any level of management. Our CEO even has his own internal web page, which keeps Keysight employees in touch with his activities and messages.

Our Total Compensation Package includes medical and dental benefits, retirement programs, and services such as employee assistance counseling, employee discounts and length-of-service awards. Our salary program offers a competitive base and bonus packages comparable to other global technology companies.

Local and Global Salary Surveys help ensure that we are doing all we can to attract and retain top talent. This global strategy applies to all jobs at all locations including professional, hourly labor, engineers and management.Manager and employee

DiscussionTraining and Development is offered through Keysight University, where employees can find a wide range of programs, workshops and classes to excel in their jobs and Keysight career. At Keysight, learning is a lifelong pursuit that creates a mindset of professional growth and continuous improvement. We emphasize learning while doing, experimentation, stretch assignments and on-the job-learning designed to happen anywhere at any time. Topics range from technical to soft skills, to leadership skills, with a focus on customer insight.  In addition to business and job specific training, a few key programs include new hire onboarding, new manager leadership boot camp, and the Emerging Leader’s program to develop next generation leaders, the Executive Online program to accelerate the leadership insight by utilizing the best-in-class resources from top business schools and universities.  Additionally, Keysight has a tuition reimbursement policy and distance learning degree programs with major universities.

Time to Play and Relax is essential to the creative process, so we offer all kinds of outlets for doing exactly that. It could be on-site massage or yoga classes. Fitness rooms and outdoor sports facilities. Sports teams and clubs. Every location has its own offering, designed to meet the unique interests and needs of the people who work there. But wherever you are, you'll never be far from a great way to refresh yourself and your ingenuity.

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