As a market leader in measurement science, we’re driven to deliver breakthrough solutions and trusted insights in electronic design, test, manufacturing, and optimization.


Keysight Technologies has been operating in China since 1985 as Hewlett Packard. Keysight continues its strategy of rooting in China for a long-time development.  Now there are about 1000 employees in China and about 5 branches and operating bases in 18 different cities. Its business covers from software research and development to manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical support and service. Keysight Technologies is devoted to providing China and the world market with customized products, services and solutions and the latest test device.

是德科技在中国的运营起源于1985年,当时的名称是中国惠普。我们秉承植根中国、长期发展的战略,目前在中国已有近千名员工,拥有 5个分公司,在18个城市设有办公室。其业务范围从软件研发到制造、市场、销售、技术支持和服务。我们致力于为中国和世界市场提供定制化的产品、服务和解决方案以及最新的测试设备。

We believe in a bright future in China electronic measurement market. Keysight China is playing a more and more important role in Keysight’s development strategy. We now invite you, smart and ambitious talents, to join us and enjoy the career life together. Keysight China will make your ideas come true!


Sites in China​​​​​​​

Keysight China has sites in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, etc.


Job Categories

In Keysight China the majority of our hiring is for Sales, Marketing, Services & Support, R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer Service, IT, Finance, Legal,Quality, Workplace Solutions, etc.


Benefits in China

Keysight provides a competitive benefit and pay portfolio. The company accord appropriate rewards to employees who thrive in our high-performance environment. Keysight also offers development and growth opportunities and work-life integration.


In addition to Keysight's core global benefits, we offer an outstanding combined benefits package that includes:


Professional development curricula 职业素质培训

Enterprise Annuity Fund 企业年金

Employee Stock Purchase Plan  员工购股计划

Paid Time Off   带薪假期

  • 12 days of paid annual leave in the first year of employment 入职第一年12天带薪年假         
  • Increased time off accrual based on years of service 根据在是德的工作年限增加的带薪年假                                                            
  • 15 days/year of paid sick leave 15 天带薪病假

Employee care 员工关怀

  • Life insurance 人身保险计划
  • Health care for employee and family 对员工和家人的医疗保障计划
  • Housing fund 住房基金
  • Annual physical examination 年度体检
  • Gift for Wedding, Newborn baby 员工结婚、新生儿礼金
  • Canteen, Shuttle bus and Fitness rooms in Beijing and Chengdu office 北京、成都办公室设有食堂、健身房等设施并提供班车。


Find Meaning in Your Work at Keysight China


A place for work that matters and opportunities to test creative approaches and learn quickly. Be part of a culture that lets you play an integral role in a global technology movement.

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Students and Graduates

Innovating at the speed of technology isn’t easy. That’s why we at Keysight value the contributions of students and graduates. You bring unique viewpoints, fresh perspectives, the latest in research and technology, and, most importantly, a desire to shape the technological landscape.

You aren’t done learning, and neither are we. Join Keysight and help us develop the industry’s most advanced electronic design, test, manufacturing, and optimization solutions.

We are looking for: Individuals who have or are working on BS, MS, MBA or Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical / Electronic Engineering and etc.


Meet Our Campus Talents Here!

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Title Location Job Type Job Function
Mfg Tech Support, Proc/Prod
Mfg Tech Support, Proc/Prod Chengdu, CN Internal Temporary Worker
Chengdu, CN Internal Temporary Worker Manufacturing
Mfg Engineer, Advanced
Mfg Engineer, Advanced Chengdu, CN Regular
Chengdu, CN Regular Manufacturing
Customer Serv Ops Rep
Customer Serv Ops Rep Shanghai, CN Regular
Shanghai, CN Regular Customer Service
Sales, Entry
Sales, Entry Beijing, 11, CN Regular
Beijing, 11, CN Regular Sales
Account Manager, Senior
Account Manager, Senior Shanghai, SH, CN Regular
Shanghai, SH, CN Regular Sales
Finance Specialist
Finance Specialist Shanghai, CN Regular
Shanghai, CN Regular Finance
Services Acct Mgr, Senior
Services Acct Mgr, Senior Beijing, CN Regular
Beijing, CN Regular Sales
Solns Engr Software, Advanced
Solns Engr Software, Advanced Shenzhen, CN Regular
Shenzhen, CN Regular Sales
Acct Mgr Transitional, Entry
Acct Mgr Transitional, Entry Shanghai, CN Regular
Shanghai, CN Regular Sales
App Dev Engr/Scient, Expt
App Dev Engr/Scient, Expt Shanghai, CN Regular
Shanghai, CN Regular Marketing
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr, Adv
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr, Adv Beijing, BJ, CN Regular
Beijing, BJ, CN Regular Marketing
Sales, Channel - Intermediate
Sales, Channel - Intermediate Beijing, CN Regular
Beijing, CN Regular Sales
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr,Expert
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr,Expert Beijing, BJ, CN Regular
Beijing, BJ, CN Regular Marketing
Customer Serv Ops Associate
Customer Serv Ops Associate Chengdu, CN Internal Temporary Worker
Chengdu, CN Internal Temporary Worker Customer Service
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr, Snr
Sales/Mktg/Bus Dev Engr, Snr Shenzhen, 44, CN Regular
Shenzhen, 44, CN Regular Marketing