Keysight in Japan


Keysight has been operating in Japan since 1963. We currently employ 600 employees in 6 cities across the country. Our headquarters is located in Hachioji, Tokyo.

In Japan, one of the world's leading countries in semiconductor and communications technologies, Keysight Technologies is at the leading edge of research and development. Keysight Japan has invented and developed many of the technologies and products that dominate worldwide markets today. This includes the Semiconductor Parametric Tester and the Electronic Component Tester.

Keysight is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Sites in Japan

Japan has sites in 6 cities, including: Hacioji (headquarters), Kobe, Sin-Yokohama, Shinjuku, Nagoya and Osaka.

Job Categories in Japan

In Japan our hiring is for R&D, Sales, Marketing, Services & Support, Customer Service, Manufacturing and Corporate Functions.

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Benefits in Japan

Keysight provides a competitive benefits and pay portfolio that fits employee needs and rewards those who thrive in our high-performance environment. We also offer development and growth opportunities, work/life integration and programs that help you support your community.

In addition to Keysight's core global benefits, we offer a benefits/compensation package that includes:

  • Social and Health Insurance
  • Flexible office hours - core time 11:00 – 14:00
  • Flexible time off/vacation pay and Holiday pay
  • Paid time off - 24 days-off, "Life Support" holidays, and more...
  • Career development - job advancement opportunities, new hire training, technical training, etc.
  • Employee Reward Programs – Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Restricted Stock Units Program, etc.

Internships in Japan

The communications, semiconductor, computer, and life science industries can not advance without test and measurement technology. This is where Keysight Technologies, the number one test and measurement technology company in the world, comes in.

Thanks to our strong commitment to research and development, we have long been providing the most advanced measurement tools and systems to the most advanced technology companies around the globe.

What technologies will be the focus in the future? What will be the direction of future Keysight research and development efforts? What markets will Keysight lead? We can answer these questions based on facts and over 60 years of experience. Rest assured, Keysight will be there leading the field.

In short, we provide a world class R&D environment that is as concerned with personal career development, as it is with being a market leader. We invite you to consider Keysight Japan.



If you are looking for a challenge, we'd like you to consider joining our R&D internship program. We'll develop "Power-up Internship" for master grad students who aspire to be a top engineer.

Keysight Japan believes in aggressively challenging student interns. This not only allows students to work with, and learn from, Keysight engineers, but also gives you the opportunity to get to know Keysight better, both as a technology company and as an employer.

Keysight's internship programs are worldwide. By participating in the Keysight Japan program you will have the opportunity to develop close relationships with interns, engineers, and mentors around the globe. You will also gain valuable working experience that can lead to attractive job opportunities after you graduate.


How to Meet Us

Keysight holds Introductory Seminars at many universities in Japan regularly. It helps students to know Keysight Technologies. Contact the recruitment team for more details.

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