Research has proven that inclusive and diverse companies outperform their competitors, are more innovative, have higher customer satisfaction, and attract better candidates. They also have greater employee satisfaction because employees are able to innovate freely and do their best work. At Keysight, we see Diversity & Inclusion not only as a competitive advantage but as a moral obligation and a corporate social responsibility, which is why we’ve made it an integral part of the Keysight Leadership Model, our framework for how we run the company.

Our adoption of Diversity & Inclusion practices dates back to the days of our founders, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who held a strong culture of value and respect for individuals since they began operation over 80 years ago. We continue to uphold Diversity & Inclusion values at Keysight as we grow because building a best-in-class, inclusive work environment depends on us leveraging the unique perspectives and contributions of every employee. We continue to seek a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds, life experiences, skills, and abilities to help us achieve our mission of accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world.

Respect for all individuals is part of Keysight’s DNA.

Watch our Diversity & Inclusion strategy video to see how we create a collaborative and supportive culture.

Our approach

To achieve our Diversity & Inclusion goals, we have established a company-wide strategy with focus areas that align with our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities:

  • Attract and develop diverse qualified talent by expanding our professional and social networks to find talent in new places and support community involvement, growing female representation globally, and ensuring that historically underrepresented minorities are represented in Keysight’s workplace.
  • Underscore Diversity & Inclusion as a competitive advantage with our customers, shareholders, partners, and suppliers by sharing stories about how diversity drives innovation.
  • Accelerate a high-performance culture through employee engagement, inclusive policies, resources, and practices, inclusive leadership, and an eco-system that allows Keysight to thrive when each one of us looks for opportunities to build inclusivity.

Diversity & Inclusion is integrated into Keysight’s Strategic Plan Review, a yearly process to assess the company's strategy, our performance to date, the external environment, and what we need to do moving forward to drive long-term success. Diversity & Inclusion activities are managed by Keysight’s Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, with guidance and resources from a cross-functional governance team, to ensure that we meet our Diversity & Inclusion vision and expectations.

Work Environment

We strive to maintain a best-in-class work environment that fosters respect for individuals, their ideas, and their contributions. We benefit from the innovation that results when people with differing experiences, perspectives, and cultures work together free from bias and discrimination. A diverse workforce expands our base of knowledge, skills, and understanding. It also helps Keysight to be more responsive to the needs of its customers.

We offer a number of workplace solutions to accommodate the diverse make-up of our offices, such as nursing rooms and prayer rooms. We also support the implementation of identified accommodation solutions such as screen magnifiers and workspace modifications, accessibility services such as sign language interpreting, and modifications to our existing digital assets to make sure they're accessible with assistive technologies.

Recruiting and Hiring

Our commitment to diversity extends to a more inclusive recruiting process. We are proactive in our efforts to increase the representation of underrepresented candidates. We partner with universities worldwide that are aligned with our strategic talent needs, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States. We are also engaged in national and local recruiting events geared toward underrepresented talent.

Training and Development

Keysight invests in its employees by providing tools to support their development at every level and every stage of their career. Our Diversity & Inclusion training and programs build inclusive leadership skills to drive internal value, collaboration, awareness, innovation, and community.

Education Programs – Pre-university through university education

We nurture future engineers from all backgrounds. Keysight and employee volunteers engage with schools and other educational organizations in support of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Specific efforts include the Keysight After School education program, community education events, and donating or discounting Keysight solutions at universities. To date, we have engaged over 818K students and future engineers through STEM education.

Employee Network Groups

​​Keysight’s employee network groups support employee development, networking, and community building. Each group is sponsored by a member of Keysight’s executive team. Groups include: 

  • Employee Network for Underrepresented Minorities
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Allies
  • Keysight Diversity Allies
  • Woman's Leadership Development
  • NextGen

CEO Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

Keysight Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ron Nersesian has made an external pledge with CEO Action for Diversity Initiatives to evolve and enhance Keysight's diversity strategies, effectively authorizing the use of his name, the company name, and logos in connection with public communication around the CEO Action for Diversity Initiatives.

More Work To Do

Though we are moving in the right direction, Keysight still has work to do. We have outlined ongoing Diversity & Inclusion goals across the organization, and we will continue to manage programs, implement new initiatives, and track our progress. Goals include:

  • Further increase hiring rates for women and Black, Hispanic, and Native American individuals
  • Further increase hiring from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and tier two universities
  • Expand our mentoring program
  • Increase the number of our employee network groups
  • Expand inclusion training as part of leadership development
  • Continue to nurture future engineers in support of science, technology, Employee Network engineering, and math (STEM)