See what our employees have to say about working at Keysight.

Keysight offers many dynamic career opportunities, and you’re not locked into a predetermined path. I’ve been here less than three years, and I’ve been afforded the opportunity to work in three different functional areas within the company.

Being at a global company like Keysight has allowed me to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. I’ve seen how bringing these diverse viewpoints together has increased our team’s creativity, allowed faster problem solving, and enabled me to learn new skills.


I worked as an intern at Keysight for one year, then was hired after graduation. The internship was challenging, but being able to experience real work in the industry made my internship rewarding and valuable. As an employee, I gained many learning opportunities and strong support from my manager and team. Because of this, I could start to see myself become more confident, and I see future prospect in growing and developing my career.

Keysight’s culture is a huge part of my job satisfaction.  We take care of our customers, our business, and our people, and that helps create a relaxed atmosphere of respect and great teamwork.  

At Keysight, people are willing to go the extra mile and are genuinely dedicated to their careers.  It is an incredible place to work because of the culture and the people.  After 26.5 years I still feel that I am in the best place to work.

I feel lucky to join Keysight as a career starting point. I am deeply touched by Keysight’s training for new employees, and I feel like I am improving and growing every day. I firmly believe that Keysight fully vales the contributions and achievements of women in the workplace.

Working at Keysight has been an exhilarating and a truly rewarding experience. The supportive and open-management culture has always encouraged me to try new things, and help is always provided with a smile when asked for. Keysight has become a very close friend of mine in a very short time!

As an employee with special needs, Keysight and its employees have never made me feel any different from them. They have challenged me and supported me throughout my 20 year career. My confidence in the company has been reinforced by our top management’s stance regarding social awareness, diversity, and their response to natural disasters, including the recent pandemic.


As the newest member of my team, I’ve been given the best mentors and resources that someone right out of school can ask for. The most important thing to my team isn’t my background, but my willingness to learn and contribute. I’ve had the opportunity to try roles in marketing, applications and now R&D, with a lot of fun and travel in the mix.


Keysight’s culture is second to none and is a big part of why I love working here. There is a strong sense of community, and leaders foster the belief that good ideas can come from anywhere in the organization. The emphasis on integrity and social responsibility, both inside the company and in the broader community, make working for Keysight a rewarding experience.

I am proud to be part of a company and department with a breadth of diversity. We all come from different backgrounds and work well together as “One Keysight” and have a good time. I love the autonomy and responsibility I am given in my role. I am able to contribute towards our company goals in a way that is meaningful to me.

Keysight doesn’t just talk about accelerating innovation, we live it. We continually promote and encourage innovation from the entire global team. As someone who is constantly looking to innovate in my marketing role, this culture makes it easy for me to bring new ideas to the table. It keeps my job fresh and interesting, makes me feel that my contributions are highly valued, and ensures I am always delivering the best to Keysight’s customers.

I am proud to work at Keysight. Because we offer such a diverse product line across many segments of the electronic industry, I have access to a very broad base of knowledge, and I get to work with clients in a variety of fields, which increases my learning even more. If I am a drop of water, Keysight is the sea, with surging waves that have the power to wash away any obstacle. It is because of the embrace of the sea that drops of water can create infinite possibilities.


My favorite thing about working at Keysight is how well we embody our culture throughout the company. Even in Marketing, we are constantly innovating, and developing ourselves into a world-class marketing organization. Everyone works together towards the end goal, regardless of their position – I have worked as closely with Marie Hattar, our Chief Marketing Officer, as I have with people directly in my team.

2020 marks my tenth year with Keysight. When I first interviewed, the community culture was apparent in the employees I interacted with and was one of the reasons I accepted the position.

I was a transplant to Sonoma County, having moved to the area for my new job, and nothing more. Today, it is my home. It is where I strived through two environmental crises and a global pandemic, along with my coworkers who became true friends. I have also had the pleasure of offering the same experience to new hires who joined Keysight from across the nation. My Keysight relationships are the core of what brings me to work every day.

At Keysight, I get to work with the brightest minds in the industry. Because the technology industry moves so fast, I get to learn something new every single day. My management knows my strengths and challenges me (in a good way) to expand, grow and develop.

In Keysight’s Global Marketing organization, we understand that we are one team, and we work together to accomplish the challenges and goals at hand. People really are there to support you and to help you. Because we work as one team, I can relate my efforts and work to the marketing team’s overall goals and Keysight’s priorities. I like learning from others with different skill sets, different points of view and from different cultures. At Keysight, it isn’t uncommon for me to start my day talking with my European colleagues and ending my day with a meeting with my teammates in China.

I really like the vivacious mix of constructive analysis, team collaboration, and an accessible Leadership team that pivots itself on respectfully challenging the status quo and taking on aggressive goals whilst keeping our customers and markets in our front vision. It makes Keysight a bright, bold, and fun working environment!

At Keysight, I have the freedom to shape and evolve my career by taking on challenges, solving multi-domain problems, and aspiring for bold goals – whilst maintaining fundamental values of respect, objectivity, and teamwork. The comradeship and open, accessible leadership flattens hierarchies across geographies and makes Keysight a high-energy, fast-paced, fun place to work. Keysight’s culture has a deeply-rooted commitment to rationality, meritocracy, and employee growth, with a goal of solving customer problems!