Keysight Executives Praise SWE

Shidah Ahmad

VP and General manager of Order Fulfillment

How have partnerships with organizations like SWE enhanced Keysight’s culture?

Keysight has always practiced a culture of high performance with a strong belief in nurturing the potentials of people and treating each other with respect.

We uphold this not only in our work but also in the societies where we operate, through the various corporate social responsibility programs that we run.

The values that SWE champions are tightly aligned to Keysight’s own culture of high performance and inclusion. Partnering with SWE is one of the many ways Keysight provides a conducive and encouraging environment for our women talents to learn, grow, develop and contribute. In addition, through SWE’s global programs, Keysight has the opportunity to take greater steps in empowering women and advancing the overall contributions of women around the world.

For these reasons, I am proud of our partnership with SWE as it supports the company in unlocking potentials, within and beyond Keysight.

How does Keysight’s strong engagement with SWE help our employees?

Keysight has a huge wealth of women talents. We have women engineers in many disciplines from firmware, hardware, materials to process engineering, and across many functions, whether in Manufacturing, R&D, Quality, Procurement or Marketing. We contribute value to Keysight in every way, bringing to the table our unique perspectives and abilities. 

Keysight’s strong engagement with SWE enhances our employees’ value contributions. Through SWE, we have access to vast resources that help us learn and grow our capabilities. But, more importantly, SWE provides the platforms for our employees to network and connect globally, giving us the exposure to a greater diversity of perspectives that will fuel our innovation. 

Above all, what I really appreciate from SWE is how it provides employees with greater access to global role models so that they, in turn, can develop to be role models for others.

Mark Wallace

Senior VP of Worldwide Sales

Creating a high-performance environment by tapping into people’s experience, passions, and insight is a core part of Keysight’s culture and a differentiator for our company. I’m always inspired by the unique contributions our people make to our customers and our company, every day. When I travel the world, I see the powerful and tight bond of shared culture and a common mission. But I also see the distinctiveness in how our people solve problems, based on their background, experiences, and heritage.

SWE has enabled us to more formally and more broadly expand and embrace an important population within the engineering community. Through awareness and participation, SWE has helped many of our people, men and women alike, to expand their impact as individuals and contribution as integrated teams. We are a better company, a better corporate citizen, and a better place to work as a result.

I have been a strong supporter of our employees and of SWE for many years. My oldest daughter just graduated from engineering school, so I have very personal vested interest as well. I remain a committed sponsor of SWE!

Ingrid Estrada

Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief of Staff

As a member of the SWE Corporate Partnership Council, Keysight is well informed about issues that affect the success of women in engineering.

Our ability to innovate relies on our employees using their diverse experiences, perspectives and creativity to work smart and have fun doing it.  SWE helps us maintain an empowered workforce.

SWE has enabled us to more formally and more broadly expand and embrace an important population within the engineering community.

Henri Komrij

VP and General Manager of Technology Order Fulfillment

SWE is a critical element of our Talent Management Program.   I see every day the tremendous value of different perspectives, varied backgrounds, and diverse approaches to solving business problems and delighting our customers.  As the Father of three daughters who all chose careers in Science, the benefits of SWE not only strike a personal chord, but are essential for business success.